hello world!

hello blogggg, long time no see. i spent my time 50% on tumblr now, iam not gonna use my blogger for a long time...it's kinda bored :p check this out, http://syafirakamilia.tumblr.com i like tumblr, we can write quotes and manymore. and i love reblog-ing by the way :p

i spent my time on twitter too, and also i won't open my facebook account for a while. it's too lame, agree? GREAT hahaha lol and i'am sorry for erasing some stuff, see? my links are gone, so sorry guys and also some banner

how's ur weekend? it was awesome for me, not really fun but i love it :) on sunday i just stayed at home and doing nothing. yesterday was great, there was a competition at my school, very well!

by the way, i can't wait till november 20... everyone knows right? HELL-YEAH IT'S NEWMOON TIME!!!! woo-hoo, i wanna see my future husband and yes it's taylor lautner, he's so damn hot... right???? *sigh*

so contact me via tumblr, twitter, and msn. 'cause i won't open this account for a long long time, don't ask why! bye bloggy, don't miss me...CIAO <3 style="font-family: verdana;">
see you at....