Bold What You Own

  1. leather tights
  2. cell phone
  3. camera
  4. all the saw movies
  5. more then 3 pair of boots
  6. a cowboy hat
  7. plugs
  8. lip ring
  9. an owl necklace
  10. an octopus necklace
  11. the bright eyes cd
  12. owl city cd
  13. a watch
  14. ipod
  15. zune
  16. a sweater from american apparel
  17. a dress belt
  18. plaid shirt
  19. skinny jeans
  20. bulldog
  21. messenger bag
  22. a house
  23. a car
  24. kitty
  25. a fish
  26. a ferret
  27. studded belt
  28. white wallet
  29. flip flops from pack sun
  30. black pumps
  31. cheetah cardigan
  32. striped cardigan
  33. leggings
  34. a mustard bag
  35. hemp something
  36. Victoria secret undergarments
  37. and i love newyork shirt


I watched newmoon last friday, and it's great! the ending is dumb, but that's okay..jacob and taylor are still HOTNESS. i get jealous of Bella Swan of course. ahhhh i wonder if i was her ha ha >.< and now i'am waiting for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. who's with me?

i'am sorry

I am sorry for everything i did wrong.
I am sorry for hurting you so much.
I am sorry for putting you in so much pain.
But to find out the reason why i was doing all this stuff is to get back at you for what you did to me after a weeks.
You were the one hurting us.
You were the one that was causing all this pain.
If you have not cheated on me i would not have hurt you so much.
But you just did me wrong.

Pitbull, Hell yeah!

ohGodddd, you must listen to Pitbull. very awesome. especially the Hotel Room Service. two thumbs up!!! they make me shaking all the time, arrrrwr

Forget about your boyfriend
and meet me at the hotel room

you can bring your girlfriends
and meet me at the hotel room

We at the hotel, motel, holiday inn



Actually, i'am really moving to Tumblr. Tapi ada tugas di sekolah yg mengharuskan gue pake blogger, well it's kinda bored ryte? :/ gue males edit blogger dsb. jadi maaf2 aja kalo keanya gue rada gk niat posting disini. keep reading guys ;)


sure,really can't wait for this one!!!


hello world!

hello blogggg, long time no see. i spent my time 50% on tumblr now, iam not gonna use my blogger for a long time...it's kinda bored :p check this out, http://syafirakamilia.tumblr.com i like tumblr, we can write quotes and manymore. and i love reblog-ing by the way :p

i spent my time on twitter too, and also i won't open my facebook account for a while. it's too lame, agree? GREAT hahaha lol and i'am sorry for erasing some stuff, see? my links are gone, so sorry guys and also some banner

how's ur weekend? it was awesome for me, not really fun but i love it :) on sunday i just stayed at home and doing nothing. yesterday was great, there was a competition at my school, very well!

by the way, i can't wait till november 20... everyone knows right? HELL-YEAH IT'S NEWMOON TIME!!!! woo-hoo, i wanna see my future husband and yes it's taylor lautner, he's so damn hot... right???? *sigh*

so contact me via tumblr, twitter, and msn. 'cause i won't open this account for a long long time, don't ask why! bye bloggy, don't miss me...CIAO <3 style="font-family: verdana;">
see you at....



for those were some of the best times of my life

i miss you when something really good happens, because you are the one i want to share it with... i miss you when something is troubling me, because you are the one who understands me so well!!! i miss you when i laugh and cry because i know that you are the one that makes my laughter grow and my tears disappear.. i miss you all the time, but i miss you most when i lay awake at night and think of all the wonderful times we spent with each other.... :')


hey bloggggggggy,lama bgt gk posting...skrg gue udah jarang ol di pc dan kalo mau ceritain sesuatu pasti di twitter so...sorry for late reply @ my shoutmix box,mungkin bakal telat buat banner+link ya hehe tapi tetep posting kok,keep reading my story ok ;)


sabtu sore

sabtu kemaren gue sm temen2 gue bagi2 hokben depan cim hahaha beramal dikit ;D jadi gue sendiri naik angkot ke cim trsss ya bila dilla chesya nonton apaan tau di 21 WKWKWK gawl beudh -_____- trs katanya waktu nntn si bila diikutin sama anak2 cim gitu, dia pindah ke seat mana diikutin hahahahaha cie bila ;p trs kita udah pesen hokben 35 kotak, nunggu yg lain dateng kita bolak-balik ke billiard, trs yaaa yg dateng trnyata selain kita banyak bgt ada.... dwi dega ihsan byan angga reyhan adam dan banyak lagi gue lupa hehe trs pas mau bagiin gue sama bila chesya ketinggalan ga bagiin ke org2 yg di depan cim itu jadi yaaa kita cuman nyumbang doang ahaha trs gue sama yg lain duduk2 di billiard, eh pas bukpus kita makan di aw kan nah trs yaa biasalah ya chesya sm icha bikin kelakuan yg bikin semua nya ilfeel ;p gue gabisa berenti ngakak sampe semua org disitu ngeliatin kita yg emg berisik bgt hhhh oke bgt ga sih jalan nya di cim (yaelah sekali2, ga usah nge gaul mulu) hahahahahaha :D